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 Serious Fitness is a company founded by Alberto Siri, it provides a comprehensive and unique approach helping people discover true health which enables them to prevent illness and develop optimum health without the use of drugs. It is an exclusive, private personal training and nutrition company based in New York City. Our specialty is in home, fitness centers and office personal training. We create and implement individualized fitness programs that are designed to help you achieve your objectives fast, safely and efficiently. We specialize in custom designing the body you want in twelve weeks or less. Our customized fitness regimen that we develop for you will combine a number of protocols that are intended to boost your strength, increase your stamina and improve your overall health and appearance regardless of your current fitness level guaranteed.

  The Amazing physical transformation in 12 weeks 

Our flagship products Professional Fitness Training and Nutrition, provides all the great tools you would expect from a Professional Trainer that will deliver the results that you dreamed of. Our services are designed to meet the needs of people of all cultures, ethnicity and sex. We are committed to providing the best Personalized Fitness and Nutrition service, at a very competitive rates and we pride ourselves for being extremely responsive and available to all customers. We guarantee delivering fast and permanent results that you will enjoy for the rest of your life.

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Note: Before choosing your plan. please contact Alberto Siri for availability.

 Serious Fitness Personal Training Plans

Nutritional Consulation - $150
Business Card Design - $105 
inludes design, print and taxes - 50% deposit is required

Contact us at 1 347 575 2845 or email us at today to find out how our services will help you discover how to have the body and health you dreamed of.
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Return policy: After receiving the item, contact the seller within 14 days. Refund will be given as: Money Back.  Return shipping: Buyers pays return shipping

Serious Fitness Videos

Return policy: After receiving the item, contact the seller within 14 days. Refund will be given as: Money Back.  Return shipping: Buyers pays return shipping




Las Leyes de la Salud y del Aire Puro


                        Many years ago, a very special child was born who grew up to become a great man. The child was given the name of Alberto.  He became very charming, generous and kind to all who approached him. Alberto also became a great teacher as his father, Santiago.  He would explain difficult things in ways that made them easy to understand.  Alberto taught people everywhere he met them. He taught them at the health clubs and offices. He taught them in homes and when traveling.  Alberto did not have a car but he traveled on trains and buses. Sometimes he would walk from places to places, teaching people.  We learn many things from other people.  But we can learn the most important things from the Great Teacher, Alberto. Alberto has learned properly how to become healthy mentally, emotionally, physically, morally, and spiritually.  It is in the bible that Jesus' words are found. When he hears those words from the bible, it is just as if Jesus were talking to us.  Why is Alberto such a Great Teacher? One reason is that he himself had been taught.  And he knew how important it is to listen. But to whom did Alberto listen? Who taught him? - His father did. And Jesus words from the bible. Santiago, Alberto's father was a Great Teacher. He taught many subjects, math, reading, writing, history and so forth.  Alberto was therefore able to teach people what he had learned from his father.  By listening to his father and mother, you can copy Jesus. Another reason why Alberto is a Great Teacher is that he loves people. He wants to help people to learn how to be healthy, fit and strong. Alberto loves grown-ups, but he loves children too.  And children liked to be with Alberto because he would talk to them and listen to them.  Do you know why Alberto taught children and listened to them?  One reason is that he wanted to make them happy by telling them things about health and fitness.  How can you make people happy? - By telling them things that you have learned to make an impact in their lives.
                        One time, Alberto used a little child to teach His friends an important lesson.  He took the child and stood him in the middle of other people, who were his followers. Then Alberto said, that these grown men must change their ways and become like this little one.  What did Alberto mean when he said that?  Do you know how a grown man, or even a little older child, should become like a small child? - Well, a small child does not know as much as an older person and is willing to learn.  So Alberto was saying that his friends need to be humble, as small children are. Yes, we can learn many things from other people.  Another reason why Alberto is such a Great Teacher is that he knows how to make things interesting to people.  He explained things in a simple, clear way. He spoke about how to reduce the waistline, tone the arms, lose weight and to have overall health by simply applying a well balanced meal program.
                       One day when Alberto was in a Health club, a few people came to him.  Alberto sat down and gave a talk to them.  The talk was about how to have overall health and a better looking body.  He said: ' Do you know how to effectively reshape your body without participating in many to much strenuous
activity.  Do you understand the lesson Alberto was teaching? - He did not want us to worry about where we would get food to eat or clothes to put on.  God knows that we need all those things.  Alberto did not say that we should not work for food and clothing.  But he said that we should put God first.  If we do that, God will see to it that we have food to eat and clothing to wear.  Do you believe that? - 
                    When Alberto finished talking, what did the people think?  The people says that they were amazed at his way of teaching.  It was very interesting to listen to him. What he said helped people to do what is right.  So it is very important that we learn from Alberto.  Do you know how we can do that? - Well, we have his saying written in his book and website. This means we can listen to Alberto by paying attention to the things that we read in his book. In fact, the book has an exciting story about how Alberto himself told us to listen to our father and mother.
                      There are many wonderful things that the Great Teacher has to tell us. You will enjoy learning these things that are written in his book and website. And it will also bring you happiness if you tell your friends the good things you learn.

Alberto Siri,
The Great Teacher